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                                          Riding Lessons 

We offer instruction in all three disciplines of riding: Saddle Seat , Hunt Seat and Western.

Our Lesson Program is founded on the basics of Saddle Seat Riding. While this style of riding is most often associated with Saddlebred, Morgan, and Arabian Show horses, it provides a sound basis for elemental riding which can be adapted to any other riding style. We also support an academy riding program which provides a convenient and affordable way to introduce beginning and novice riders to the show ring.

Here in southeast Georgia we are fortunate to have a series of local shows with classes for beginner riders within about 1 hourís drive of Bluff Creek. We even host one here at the farm each year. Our riders may participate on either their own horse or one of our school horses and get show ring experience in relaxed atmosphere. While not a requirement, this is a  wonderful way for our students to show off their new skills and build confidence.

Lesson Program and Rates

Individual Lesson - $40 (private or group)
package of 4 lessons $140


Mount/Dismount, Pick up/Drop stirrups, Guide at Walk, Start/Stop, Basic Grooming, Basic Parts of Saddle and Bridle, Post at Trot,  Basic Anatomy of horse.

Walk and Trot, Diagonals, Ride with others, Spacing in ring, Advanced grooming, Line Up, Back, Intro to Double Reins, Work without stirrups, Lunge lessons, Intro to canter and leads, leg aids.  

Walk, Trot, Canter in Double Bridle, Master leads and diagonals, Spacing in groups and in show ring, Learn function of double bridle, basics of setting head. Basic patterns at walk and trot. Complete procedures for grooming, saddling and bridling horse. Advanced Anatomy of horse  

Leads and Diagonals by feel, without stirrup work at W/T/C, Basic patterns at W/T/C, Setting head by feel, off curb and snaffle, Ring position for shows, 5-Gaited riding, Advanced leg aids, Training aids, Driving, Parts of Harness  

Predict leads and diagonals, Advanced Figure work/tests, Correcting problems, Working the bridle for different needs, Show Grooming and Preparation, Advanced Training aids, Adv Horse Care.